Motherhood is not easy. You may enjoy buying baby clothes in Malaysia for your little one today, but tomorrow you are bound to face challenges with regards to giving birth and raising your child. One of the first challenges will face is delivery and labor. Make sure that you know how to manage the pain of giving birth when the time comes.

Pain During Labor and Delivery

Labor pain is caused by pressure on the cervix, and contractions of uterus muscles. You will cramping in the abdominal area, as well as at the back area. Many women also experience pain on their thighs and sides. Other causes of labor pain include the stretching of the vagina, and birth canal, and pressure on the bladder.

Take note that pain during childbirth is different for each mother. It varies from pregnancy to pregnancy, and women to woman.

How to prepare yourself

There are many things you can do to help alleviate pain during labor. Exercise regularly (ask your physician about this first). This can prepare your entire body for labor stress. It can also improve endurance, which comes in handy in case you have a lengthy labor.

Moreover, if you are attending childbirth classes, or doing some research, you would know that there are various techniques in handling the pain.

Natural Childbirth

Do you know that many women choose to give birth to their babies without any kind of medicine? Just imagine the level of pain they go through. They just depend on controlled breathing for the pain, as well as relaxation techniques. Natural childbirth can be seen as difficult by many, but it’s also rewarding and magical.

Important things to consider

Here are three points to consider when settling for pain control medication during labor:

  • Some types of medicines can negatively impact your baby, causing heart rate changes and making your little one drowsy
  • Medicines won’t relieve all of the pain