Travelling to Malaysia should be on your bucket list for many reasons. A melting pot of most of the world, this beautiful country has much to offer that sets it apart from the rest of Southeast Asia. Here are reasons to convince you to plan a trip here (and possibly help with some can’t-miss sights). Even if you are Malaysian and had a long day of work going through Malaysia forex market brokers reviews on the Internet, these reasons will definitely enlighten you on why you should also explore Malaysia a little more. 

Malaysia forex market brokers reviews
Malaysia forex market brokers reviews
  • Food

Malaysia is a cultural and culinary melting pot. Chinese, Indian, and Western cuisines are almost as readily available as more traditional fare. Tropical ingredients and a diverse spice variety characterise the cuisine. The country’s most famous noodle soup is laksa. Each bowl is topped with chicken, fish, or shrimp and served with delicious coconut milk or sour asam broth. Satays and skewers are grilled on what appears to be every street corner. Locals, on the other hand, adore oyster omelettes.


  • Modern Architecture

Kuala Lumpur is an excellent spot to see Malaysia’s more modern architecture, particularly the contemporary buildings that form one of Asia’s most recognisable skylines. Take time to see the Petronas Twin Towers in the Golden Triangle region if feasible. The Petronas Twin Towers, once the world’s tallest skyscrapers and now connected by a sky-bridge, are just a short walk from other amazing structures including the KL Tower and its viewing deck.


  • Language

Malaysia is a melting pot of cultures and people from around the globe! As a result, as a foreigner, you will not have any difficulties due to a lack of language abilities — all Malays speak at least Manglish! Manglish is the local dialect of spoken English, which is heavily influenced by Malay or Mandarin. Speakers of 41 distinct languages may be found in Peninsular Malaysia! Malay, Sarawakian, Mandarin, Tamil, Thai, and, of course, English are the most frequent.


  • Tropical Climate

The weather in Malaysia is extremely unique. The country’s tropical humidity, which is a mix of extreme heat and rapid rains due to its location on the equator, is unlike any other. While this seemingly erratic weather pattern may appear intimidating to some, it is all part of the appeal. Explore Malaysia’s many climate landscapes, which range from blistering heat in the city to ideal strawberry-growing conditions in the Cameron Highlands to absolutely lovely beach-lounging weather.


  • Diverse Culture

Malaysia’s rich culture is perhaps the most fascinating part of the country. In addition to colonial influences, the country is home to a diverse range of Asian civilizations. Malays account for almost half of the population, Chinese for around a quarter, and there is a sizable Indian community. Furthermore, the Orang Asli, a Malaysian ethnic group, still accounts for 12% of the population. In Malaysia, many tribes coexist peacefully and contribute to the country’s unique culture and heritage.


  • UNESCO Heritage Sites

Since the 1800s, much of Malaysia has been inhabited by traders and job-seekers from all over the world, it’s no surprise that many towns still have cultural remains in their architecture. States like Penang and Malacca are particularly well-known for their preservation of old town buildings, which have been designated as UNESCO World Heritage sites to safeguard these artefacts of bygone times for future generations.