1.Social media

Are you thinking of new affiliate marketing strategies in Malaysia? Make the most out of social media. Grow your page, and share links on your page. Just make sure to tell it why you love it, otherwise, your post would appear like spam.

2.Paid advertisements

Boost your blog articles on Facebook and Twitter. In this case, it’s best to collaborate with another social media influencer to widen your reach.

3.Blog posts

Consider producing software reviews, and listicles about the most useful software for a specific industry. If you want, you can also come up with how-to materials, in order to help more readers solve their problems.

4.Email lists

How big is your email list? Keep in mind that this is a crucial asset that you can have an affiliate marketer and blogger. Your email list is your audience, your tribe and your crew. Do you know that the most successful bloggers make around $1 to %5 every email subscriber each one?

5.Word of mouth

Word of mouth marketing will never get old. Make yourself known to your target audience. Let your readers trust you. That way, they themselves would introduce your offerings to other family members and friends.