Reading manga is a leisure activity for most of us. Manga conjures us images of action-packed fantasy stories starring young teenagers. However, a closer examination of the format reveals a diverse range of stories, including manga for people in their 20s and older, cat manga, and gourmet manga. Slice-of-life manga is one of the most popular manga sub-genres. Navigating series and choosing one to read might be overwhelming, as it is with other manga sub-genres. To that aim, I’ve compiled a list of the best slice-of-life manga on the market for you to read even though you are working as a Malaysia website designer. I made it a point to include manga with characters at all phases of their lives and in various situations. The only thing these choices have in common is that they will make you feel happy and energised about life. I made a point of excluding depressing stories. There’s nothing odd with stories like that! However, I don’t read the slice-of-life manga to learn about life’s hopelessness, and I’m sure several other readers feel the same way.


  • 3-Gatsu No Lion

3-Gatsu No Lion is a gentler and quieter slice of life about Rei, a 17-year-old Shogi player who lives alone. In addition, the protagonist does not attend school and has few friends. He is, however, still connected with a young family who owns a large number of cats. This is a storey of a man maturing as he begins to establish bonds with those around him, especially the family with whom he has made friends.


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  • Bakuman

This slice-of-life manga featuring two high-schooler mangakas comes from the creators of the popular Death Note manga. Both boys, one who will draw the manga and another who will compose it, have joined forces to realise their dream of becoming a successful mangaka and having their work adapted into an anime. This manga, which is believed to be based on the artists’ real-life experiences, takes you behind the scenes of how a manga is developed and how much effort goes into it in a Shonen style.


  • Saint Young Men

Did you anticipate a series about Buddha and Jesus Christ to be included on a list of the best slice-of-life manga? I can’t say I blame you. It’s the kind of concept which only Japan might come up with. In this manga, Buddha and Jesus Christ take a break from their respective roles and live with each other in Tokyo as housemates. They make use of the chance to learn about the civilized world while they are there. All the while, of course, keeping their identities hidden! Can you picture the upheaval that would ensue if people discovered their true identities?


  • Yotsuba To!

Yotsuba To! is a benign slice-of-life manga that stars the titular Yotsuba. She’s known for her boundless energy and stamina, but she’s also recognised for being strange, not knowing things that a five-year-old should know. As a result, each day has been a memorable unique experience for her, regardless of how ordinary it may seem. This is indeed a terrific manga for individuals who seek something comforting, as it shows them how to make new friendships and how to enjoy daily life.