Netflix has been around us for the longest time. It has stuck with us on our bad days and even good days. From our horrible heartbreaks to intensive weight training periods, it has been a constant company in the background. The sound of laughter from friends or Brooklyn 99 streaming in the background was like sunshine on a rainy day. Watching a romantic movie with your spouse is like therapy we never knew we needed. Having your kids take control over Netflix for their favorite shows like Peppa pig is like a storm coming to an end in your home. 

However, despite its perks, affordability, and everything else in between, Netflix might not be as worth it as one might believe it to be. Netflix may be good in moderation, but in today’s world, it’s anything but moderation. Our Netflix consumption has gone over the roof and it’s now becoming a waste of the wonderful internet.  

Some might argue that because we are in a pandemic, Netflix is the perfect companion. This may be true, but Netflix is not our only option. There are so many entertainment streaming services that is much more affordable and have better quality for their price. There are more than a few reasons why Netflix should be cut off from our lives and let’s take a closer look at them! 

The Content Is Boring 

Netflix is known to boast about its library of movies, series, documentaries, and kids’ shows. However, we are here to say, it’s truly not that impressive. Much of their content is only average at best and there are other streaming services that now hold the world’s best series and movies, including Marvel movies. Netflix lacks a lot of the latest content that is renowned and famous. We often have to dig into our good old download library to get a good movie. Settling for the content provided by Netflix is not an option when we pay more than the average for their service. 

The Price Is Higher Than Ever 

Netflix also tends to say it’s incredibly affordable. In hindsight, it is not expensive. It is average in it’s pricing as well. However, their prices seem to go higher and higher as time passes by. While it still has cool features like multiple users, there are so many other subscription-based entertainment providers that do the same at a lower price point. 

Internet Is Not It’s Bestfriend 

If someone else is playing a game or watching youtube in the same household hogging up the bandwidth, Netflix is the last thing to work in the household. Netflix has a certain prickliness when it comes to the internet. It consumes a lot of it and without a hugely significant portion of your unifi internet, you are not able to consume Netflix properly even in its lowest resolution. 

If you are craving for much funnier and diverse content, Netflix is certainly not the place. But if you are looking for a reliable entertainment subscription that is available all over the world, it truly is the perfect place to binge-watch!