It is just right of course to give time to ourselves once in a while. Yes, earning a living for the family is our first obligation once we get married and have kids already but then again, as life is short, you should not also neglect your own happiness as you might end up being burnt out. All work and no play can certainly make you dull and boring thus going on a romantic getaway at times with your wife is also not bad. So, plan it out with your wife may be on your next anniversary and book a very romantic accommodation like in a treetop maybe or in a seaview. In here you will surely have a unique experience as you will not just be staying in any ordinary accommodation but rather in one of the self-contained tree houses. That is right, it is self-contained at the same time, thus you can save money.

So, what can you expect from this excellent romantic accommodation? Aside from the picturesque views that will greet you every morning, you can also check out some hot spots if you want to, like boutiques, diners, galleries and many others. However, I doubt if you would do that as the accommodation alone is already equipped with the amenities that you will surely love especially that you are with your wife. The units have log fires to keep you warm in that cold and romantic atmosphere, they also have spa baths and of course a complete set of entertainment. 

Here are some of the situations and amenities that you should expect from a romantic accommodation:

  • An off-street parking space that is for clients only like you. That means you will never run out of space. This should be good when you decide to rent a car so that you and your wife can also check the place by yourself. 
  • You also have your own private balcony where you and your wife can spend time easily in the morning while enjoying your morning coffee and the picturesque views. 
  • As for your unit, it should be equipped with all the things that you can expect from a self-contained accommodation like a fully equipped kitchen, laundry, clean linens, toiletries and towels, queen-sized bed, large spa bath, bathrobes for the both of you, daily gourmet breakfast hampers, well-maintained air conditioning system, log fires and entertainment set. Indeed, you are like just in your own home in a different and romantic atmosphere.

You will have a time of your life with your wife for sure if you will make sure that your romantic getaway accommodation will be as what is described above. Your intimate time together should be perfect! Why not bring with you a dildo sex toy to complement your nights together by taking things slowly! They should be nights to remember. It is just right that this will be a time where you and your wife can never forget. So, plan it out now!