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What is the ‘Computer Hand’ in Texas Hold’em?

Computer Hand

In the game of poker of 918kiss, there are a lot of nicknames, positions, and even terms being thrown around. One of those terms is known as the “Computer Hand” and what this basically means is that a player has been dealt an off-suit hand consisting of a Queen and a 7; both of which do not have the same suit. For instance, you might have been dealt a Queen of spades and a 7 of hearts.

This has been highly regarded as a not-so-good starting hand simply because your chances of winning are almost exactly even.

What is the Queen-Seven Off-suit and Why is It Called the Computer Hand?

What is the ‘Computer Hand’ in Texas Hold’em?As mentioned earlier, the Queen-Seven Off-suit simply means that you are dealt with a Queen and Seven cards with different suits. As to why it is called the “Computer Hand”, there are actually two prevailing theories.

Some time ago (no exact time was given), a person ran through all of the possible combinations you can do in a Texas Hold’em game on a computer simulator. Time and again, the computer would give an even 50/50 split when it comes to the win/loss ratio.

It is then considered to be the “median” starting hand because once you are dealt with it from the start, you essentially have a 50% chance of winning and a 50% chance of losing.

You can even try it out for yourself. Go run a computer simulator and you will find that the Q-7 would always have a winning percentage of 51.77. If you start out with a Q-7, you’re always guaranteed a 50/50 winning/losing percentage. Whether this is true in actuality remains to be seen, but for the most part, if you believe what the simulator says, then it is probably true.

Playing with a Q-7 provides a certain risk. You see, if you are dealt with a Q-7 as your starting cards, your enemies could potentially have a Queen card as well. However, things will not be favorable to you if they have a hole card that is not 7, but instead something higher like an 8 or even better, a king.

It is up to the player who has the Q-7 to analyze and assess the situation so that he will decide whether to hold their existing cards or just fold. When played correctly, you could potentially do a full house, four of a kind, or three of a kind after catching a great flop.

Another reason why the Q-7 off-suit is known as the ‘Computer Hand’ is that although the odds were run on a computer simulator, they were tested only with small sample size. This means that there could potentially be some errors and it also means that you will not reliably consistent results every time.

Testers should have increased the sample size, making sure that the algorithms are correct along the way. Then, we can say that if you start out with a Q-7 off-suit, that you are indeed getting an even win/loss split when it comes to your odds of winning.

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