In the past few decades, the internet has rampantly emerged as a novel commercial platform. Hence, designing a website has been acknowledged as a crucial aspect of the acceptance and success of e-commerce and websites. 

So, What in the world is an e-commerce website ? Indeed, it is an online marketplace where goods and services may be purchased through online payments, for example, Paypal. Designing an e-commerce website is not that different from designing a website in general, since most web pages share a similar structure and layout.

It is undeniable that the principal factor of a great e-commerce website is concentrating on the clients’ attitudes towards the features of the website, the quality of the website, satisfaction of the service and customers’ purchase intention etc. This means that the content and services must be supplied in a fashion that is found to be appealing to a large audience when creating web design. In e-commerce, a user’s inclination to stay on a site, revisit it, or, in the best-case scenario, purchase from it can be influenced by a well-designed and well-thought-out website. 

In terms of web design, the firm behind the site must know why they need a website; is it to reach more consumers, to provide knowledge, or to sell goods? A website must have a purpose when it is established. Whatever the case, the website’s developer must take note of this to ensure that the site can handle the user’s difficulties. Moreover, You may build a website in two ways: artistically by expressing yourself and technologically by addressing an issue for your customers. Designers of websites must take into account both usability and design aspects to satisfy the user. People will likely leave a website if it is difficult to navigate or use, or if its functions are overly complex.

Graphic design can be seen as a visual communication discipline that encompasses a variety of fields. You can find it in every corner of society. Designing for our emotions and helping us create our attitudes towards things could be a determining factor in what separates one business from another. When designing the main page of an e-commerce website, it’s important to consider both the graphical and useful aspects, but it’s also important to think about what you want the user to remember after their engagement with the site.

To conclude the e-commerce web design, how a user perceives a website’s usability will be affected by their online buying experience. Their online buying experiences may have an impact on their evaluation of the website’s design, and last but not the least, the user’s memory of the site will be influenced by the site’s design ultimately. 

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