What Are Your Options if You Cannot Afford a Lawyer?

Going through a divorce is a bummer. Not only will you have to have your separate ways from your partner but you are going to have to endure a long and arduous process of child custody, division of assets, among many other things.
Of course, you will need to have an attorney to represent you and give you some much-needed legal advice.

Unfortunately, divorce proceedings tend to last quite a long time, which means that you need to cough up a lot of money just to succeed.

That being said, you may have some money that you can use to pay for the law firm, but what about for others that do not have the same financial capability?

And, what if you are going through a divorce and you want to settle things? What options do you have when it comes to finding a lawyer, especially if you cannot afford one?

Legal Aid

The first thing that you can do would be to acquire some legal aid from the government. There are certain government agencies that will grant you free legal services, but you have to qualify for it first. The reason why this is a necessary step is that in the past, there are a lot of people that try to dupe the system by lying and getting free legal services, despite the fact that they can afford a lawyer on their own.

The legal agency will give you a couple of tests that will help them determine your financial capability and to see if you are really unable to get your own attorney.

This is actually quite a common option, given that divorce proceedings can take a long time and not a lot of people can sustain having a lawyer using their own money.

Limiting the Scope of Work

There are times where you do not really need the help of your lawyer all of the time. This is true whenever you need to appear in front of the court. You see, your attorney may be appointed to become your legal representative should the court summon you for your case.

If you could limit the amount of work that they need to do for you, you will also, effectively, reduce the amount that you have to pay in the end.

Search for Free Consultations

There are some law firms that would provide free legal consultation, especially if they have junior associates that require more experience in the field.

Now, do not worry if the people who are going to handle your cases are junior associates because they are still trained to become potentially good lawyers. And, since you do not have the money to afford an attorney of your own, you should be too picky.

Deferred Payments

Lastly, assuming that you can afford your own lawyer but because of how long the proceedings can get, you may not have enough money to pay your lawyer for their services.

In the event that this happens and you do have the capacity to pay them at a later date, then you can negotiate with your attorney for deferred payments- promising them that you will pay when you have the money.