1.Native Advertising

Signing up for the top Lazada affiliate program in Malaysia is not enough. You need to leverage on the latest trends to set yourself apart from other affiliate marketers. One of the affiliate marketing trends you must explore is the efficiency of native advertising. Sharing relevant, contextual information is a brilliant technique affiliate marketers should continue using. Since Google is very particular with user experience, high-quality content marketing is essential.

2.Go beyond Facebook, Google and YouTube

Facebook and Google rule the online world. But, as censorship and privacy continue to be an issue, more and more people are looking into alternative social media channels. Explore new alternative platforms, and use them to strengthen your online presence.

3.Influencer Marketing

The growth of influencer marketing in the digital landscape is amazing. At this and age, many people are looking for significant content online, and trusting a circle of online personalities who are knowledgeable on the niche they are interested in. Look into collaborating with social media influencers. These people have the power to influence today’s marketers and sales.

4.Voice Search

With the popularity of devices like Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Siri, voice search getting more and more beneficial. According to research, by the year 2020, most online searchers would already be conducted via voice. As an affiliate marketer who strives for long-term success, you must make adjustments to your strategy, and optimize your content through search.


The mobile-first approach is one of the keys to your affiliate marketing success. Mobile adoption is set to increase in the years to come. Moreover, you will see more integration of virtual or augmented reality in mobile advertising.