Andrew Badecker

In private, with friends, Andrew began to play poker in the same manner. He wanted to continue playing at an online casinos after he had played quite regularly. It was important to know, and Andrew had a detailed test. He “kicked his ass with his way.” His love for poker evolved with hard work and determination. His talents were established. For some years, he divided his time balancing his education, worked part-time and played as much online poker as he was able to. All it took was a big win and it all changed. He decided to quit his old job and establish poker as his full-time career after having made $7,000 in an evening. As Andrew made nearly $70,000 in eight tournaments, and the poker career he had started in 2010. He alone made more than $800,000 in 2011 earnings. Andrew also rules the online poker circuit today and as of May 2019 has tallied up a record of $1,873,180.

Annette Obrestad

Having begun playing poker at a young age, Annette developed her bankroll through freerolls, played online tables consistently and perfected her skills under the “Annette 15” online username. Her earnings were incredible; she managed to earn a total of $916,000 between September 2006 and February 2007 alone. Her skills and confidence also rapidly evolved. In July of 2007, she won a $4 buy-in contest, which saw only her cards once, showing how crucial it is for her places well and for the players at the table to pay attention to them. She set two world records in one game in June 2007, and her career flourished considerably. The day before her 19th birthday, she won the World Series of Poker America Event, a bonus of £900,000, a woman’s high-ever payout. The victory has made her the youngest ever to win a poker bracelet for the World Series.