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MS patients’ life change with Stem Cell

The Practice of Stem Cell in Health Industry

An international trial showed results that stem cell transplant stopped Multiple Sclerosis and improved symptoms.

Multiple Sclerosis affects the spinal cord/brain where the condition causes problems with the movement of the arms or legs, affecting balance or sensation and even vision.

The study involved 100 patients in two groups: one that received hematopoietic stem cell transplantation and the other drug treatment.

The stem cell procedure involved chemotherapy to destroy the faulty immune system, then stem cells that are extracted from the marrow and blood are re-introduced. These reconstruct the immune system as they are untouched by MS.

After 3 years of follow up, only 3 out of the 50 transplants on the MS patients had failed, whereas 60 percent of the drug treatment group failed with reports of conditions having worsened. One patient is now symptom free, feeling like it was a miracle.

Patients lived in fear of MS where it ruled their lives. One patient had her lifestyle affected when she was diagnosed with MS when she was 28. It affected her cognition, her stability where she was sometimes forced to use a wheelchair.

In October 2015, after going through her stem cell transplant, she now has a normal life, back to full health and is now married and has a daughter.

The transplant is pricey, at around £30,000 but is the same price as going through medication yearly.

Though doctors are still stressing that the procedure is not suitable to all patients of MS, it will soon be established and recognized as a proper treatment to those that suffer the condition.

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