When playing slots games online, you surely must have tripped to blurbs like ‘know more on slot game Malaysia’, ‘click here for online slots’, and other types of it. The internet, one of its kind. There will never be a more important human invention than the internet. If you think about it, it is sort of like the portal of entering the new era, the digitalized era. Thanks to it, we digitalized almost everything now. Class, Sunday’s groceries buying, and even slots games. No more big machine with bright lights as now they are less of the user thanks to the internet.

Charles Fey and The Liberty Bell. The legendary phrase for the hardcore gambler. Invented in 1895, it is the first slot machine by car mechanic Charles Fey in San Francisco. It had three spinning reels, shoes like the diamond, spade, and heart symbol, and the image of a cracked Liberty Bell. This historical piece can still be seen now. Find them at the Liberty Belle Saloon & Restaurant in Reno, Nevada. After the introduction, the demand went huge, Fey could not build them that fast in his garage. They are a manufacturer who tries to buy them but fey refuses and that is when Herber Mills, a Chicago manufacturer started the production. They are the knock-off of Fay’s version, The Operator Bell, and Mills uses fruits symbols instead. 

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The electronic one was back in 1964, names PACES RACES, an animated horse race machine. Then the “21” was built in Nevada and slowly the trend continues with all other electronic versions of gambling games like the addition of dice, roulette, horse racing, poker, and so on. Now, online slots games are everywhere and can be accessed at any time at your own comfort. Google them online and just pick one.  

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