Since you are here, I take it that you are interested in body piercing. Well, body piercing then is assumed as something bad or with negative vibes. But of course, that is not the case today as people with piercings are quite visible these days. You can easily come across someone who has a body piercing in the earlobes more than once. If you will just have a single body piercing, that is considered normal for the female gender. But if you will find a man having earlobe piercing, and more than one at that, you can say that such is not conventional. 

Technically, body piercing is like inflicting a wound to your body, and thus it means one should be careful when doing it, especially if he plans to do it in a different part of his body, like maybe in the nose or in his bellybutton, or maybe in his tongue for that matter. That said, if you are planning to do this, it is best that you dig more about body piercing first and most of all, it is highly recommended that you carefully check out the piercing service Malaysia you plan to be in. 

For beginners’ guide, here are some things you should be informed about first before allowing a piercer to insert something in any part of your body:

  • First and foremost, you must instill in your mind that careful prepping is paramount. It means that you must really take care of your health beforehand since you will subject it to a foreign item. You should eat healthily and should not drink the night before. 
  • If the decision happens in just the spur of the moment, think carefully before going in that door as you can never take it back again. Even if you will have the metal removed from your body, you have already inflicted a wound in it and that cannot be taken back. 
  • You have to note that the process is always painful. If someone will tell you otherwise, don’t believe them as maybe, because their desire to have the piercing surpassed the pain they feel. Of course, it will happen to you as well. But the bottom line is, generally, body piercing is painful since you will be inflicting wounds to your skin. There is no way that you will not feel pain one way or another. 
  • And lastly, while you must take care of your body before having the piercing, the same thing should be done for the aftercare. Since this is a wound, it means you have to assist your body so that it will heal as expected, especially if the piercing is not in its usual location. 

Body piercing might be a little bit accepted in our society these days, but that might not be the case in some organizations or in some workplaces, if not in the usual location of your body and is quite visible. So, you have to check about this first. 

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