Do you love shopping for baby clothes in Malaysia? There are tons of baby stores out there that offers amazing baby essentials, most especially baby toys, for our little ones. However, some of them can be really expensive. Below are some guidelines on baby shopping for beautiful clothes, but at the same time staying on budget.

1.Take the online swapping game.

Are you familiar with platforms like Swapbabygoods and Swapmamas? These websites allow youto buy baby clothes from mothers all over the country for either a swapped item, or cash. If you are lucky, some of baby essentials are even offered for free.

2.Don’t hesitate to rent baby clothes.

You and your baby may love that beautiful Easter dress, but we need to face to truth. That kind of clothing can only be worn once. There is no point in paying an expensive amount for a piece of clothing that is not versatile, and can only be worn once.

3.Don’t buy something without coupons.

At this day and age, the real power is at the hands of consumers. Never shop for something without comparing it to other brands and products.

4.Swap items with your friends.

Swapping items with your beloved friends is a lot of fun. You can swap not only baby clothes, but also gossip and amazing stories. Swaps work best if you have children of different ages.