It would be hard to deny that many university students in Malaysia have been doing ODL or Online Distance Learning for more than two semesters. Due to the pandemic, students are not allowed to go to classes with their lecturers as it could risk the spread of COVID-19. With how often Malaysia has been forced to implement MCO (Movement Control Order), it has caused a huge impact on their education. They have not been going to face-to-face classes for years and it is only thanks to the ODL that they can still pursue their studies. Thus, how exactly have the lectures been done and how do the students do their presentations online? The development in softwares has been contributing to the success in online learning. Many softwares has been used such as Google Meet, Zoom and Webex. If you are interested in software development, check out mlm softwares for more details.

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Let’s move on by taking a look at the functions of these softwares for online classes.

Assignment And Quiz Submission

Software has been functioning as a platform for students to do their assignments and tasks required for the semester. Software such as Google Classroom allows the lecturers to collect their student’s tasks easily. Besides, it is a great platform to check all the assignments and quizzes done by the students as it is there in one place. Students can submit their tasks without any issues as this platform has been provided by the lecturers. Moreover, lecturers will even be notified every time a student sends their tasks, making it easy for them to keep track of their student’s submission. Without such softwares, the lecturers would face difficulties in collecting and marking the student’s assignments throughout the semester, especially if they are in charge of more than one class. 

Virtual Booth

Another function of the softwares is to enable students to present their topics using a creative platform. Virtual booths have become quite popular among the university students where you can visit the booth and check out the information provided by the students there. With virtual booths, students are able to present in an interactive way and attract the attention of the public to visit their booths. This is a very entertaining platform to be utilised by the students in order to apply what they have learned for the booth besides the usual, plain presentations. Besides being a fun way for them to learn, it could be enjoyable to the visitors too.


A seminar is commonly a lecture attended by a large group of students. They commonly seek to learn new things or develop more understanding about what they have learned during their studies. Seminars are impossible to be held during the pandemic as there could be risk of infection to the students attending. However, softwares such as Zoom and Webex has been helpful in gathering the students for the seminars. Many of the softwares have a limit of participants to 100 people, thus a seminar can still be participated online.

Last Words

In conclusion, softwares has been very helpful for education purposes. Without them, the education industry would collapse and it would be worrisome to the parents as they look at their children’s education state paused due to the schools and universities being closed during the pandemic.