Even when the gym is close and we cannot take a brief walk or jog at the park, it is still no excuse for us to not exercise. We still and can exercise even when we are at home. They are many exercises that we can do in the comfort of our home. Taking care of our health is extremely important especially in this hard time, even the owner of ‘judi online Malaysia’ need to exercise and take care of themselves. 

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These are some of the exercises that you can do while staying home all you need are hard work, a yoga mat, and some good music. 




This exercise has many secrets benefit it, it may seem easy but once you do it you will realize that it is far from easy. Some of the benefits of yoga are that it will help you to increase your blood circulation, helps you to have a good quality of sleep, and improve your core strength, stability, and also flexibility. This slow impact movement is really good for someone that have serious injuries or someone that want less hard movement for their body. There are many more benefits from yoga that you can gain mentally, physically, and also emotionally. 




Saying that you have no time to exercise is no longer an excuse. If you want to do high-impact of exercise that will leave you sweating and panting you should definitely do HIIT also known as high-intensity interval training. All of the movement for this exercise will take you 30-40 seconds but you will sweat like you just ran a mile. This exercise will leave your heart rate to speed up and you will also burn more calories. And if you want to lose weight during this quarantine, doing this exercise 3 times a week will definitely help you to lose weight. 




Don’t you need to go to the gym or park to jog? Well, there are many exercises you can do that are considered cardio. Some of them are, jumping rope, jumping jack, burpees, and also jog in place. All of these exercises are considered cardio, so no you don’t have to go to the gym to do cardio. Many people that want to lose weight will add cardio to their exercise routine, not only it will help with weight loss but it is also good for lung capacity. You will improve your lung capacity and strengthen your heart. 


Dance workout 


Who said that exercising must be boring and strict? You should and can have fun during exercising. There are many types of dance that are considered as exercise like, hip-hop, ballet, and even pole dancing. Whoever said that dancing is easy should definitely do it. Not only you will have fun but you will also gain a lot of benefits from a dance workout, some of the benefits are you will improve your body coordination, increase your aerobic fitness, and also helps to increase your self-confidence. 


There are many exercises that you can do that will suits your body and your goals. As long as, you are exercising and sweating then you are good!