Diet vs. Exercise

Dieting appears to be the easy solution at first glance if we decide to lose weight. If we take in more calories than we need we will just add more weight. Reducing calorie consumption would of course be the secret toweight reduction. It isn’t necessarily acceptable though. A lot of people appear to return to their old habits after some time. Even worse, they are led to eat more because of the sense of deprivation, which causes them to put back all the weight they had eventually lost.

Exercise Is More Important

If dieting alone will not lead to lasting weight loss, will the answer be exercise alone?
Not exactly, according to a survey published in the health and weight science journal. A part of the report, US university researchers recruited 90 overweight women to enter a fitness program. The women participated in treadmill exercises three days a week during the three-month long analysis but their dietary patterns were not tracked. Three months on, even with their increased exercise, 70 percent of the respondents do not even lose any body mass through the programme. While the study could not conclude the exact reasons for the weight gain, researchers believe more food was consumed by the participants who gained weight and increased their calorie intake. It was because they felt they had been eating enough kilocalories to compensate for the extra meal.

Follow Healthy Food Guidelines

Your diet is important too. Research for some healthy eating guidelines. An example is to fill a quarter of your plate with whole grains, a quarter with proteins, and the other half with the required two portions of fruits at the market or buy vegetables online for a well-balanced lunch per day. When It’s time to work up a sweat, invest in a daily activity until the meals are digested. According to the American College of Wellness, 130 to 220 minutes of an average workout of moderate strength will help you maintain a healthier weight. More than that would result in weight loss. Exercises of a mild intensity will leave you breathless but you will still be able to say three or four sentences at a time.