Ever since we all started living through the excruciatingly difficult phase of life during COVID-19, the general public has started to pay closer attention and put heavier scrutiny in regards to personal hygiene ever since. This infectious and deadly virus is generated in the body of an infected person. When they cough, sneeze and even exhales, water droplets that are produced, even the tiniest particle can land on someone else’s and infect them in two to fourteen days of incubation period in the body. This happens when people are negligent of their personal hygiene and also the space between others. However, the symptoms can vary from mild to worse and it all depends on your age as well as your immunity system. Older people are at higher risk of being infected due to the weakening immunity that comes with older age. As the virus particle is heavy, it is unable to roam in the air. Instead, it will land on any surfaces. We have so many possibilities that we might have touched the contaminated surface but with frequent hand washing and usage of alcohol-based sanitisers, we are able to avoid being infected. 

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There are so many efforts that we all as individuals have to put in order to live a healthy and safe life. One of the endless struggles is to leave the mundane things we used to do that can expose us to the virus infection probability. The first thing we need to discard from our routine is the frequent visit to shopping malls. We tend to go to where the entertainment is to wash the boredom out of our day. Sometimes, we do not even have anything to buy but we feel the urge to go and justify it as window shopping. However, the gloriously fun days are in the past. We have to face the reality where unnecessary visitation to anywhere is immensely discouraged.

Close contact and being the small proximity with other people that we do not know their health issues can be risky. If you are a dedicated player in a casino, you need to reconsider your decision. The best alternative for you to go for is to start engaging in online casino games that can be accessed virtually. When you are accidentally infected, it takes days to weeks to discover you are carrying the virus. Therefore, it is not only you that will be open to the danger but you going around will cause others to contract the deadly infection as well. 

Other than that, basic self-hygiene needs to be heavily practised. You should avoid rubbing your face after touching any surfaces because there are high chances the areas are contaminated. Once it goes straight onto your face, it can easily make its way to your bodily system through the nose, mouth and others. You need to stay away from people especially when they are under the weather. Their sneeze, coughs and exhalations might carry viruses so you might want to divert from that. You have to sport a face mask when you are in the presence of others.