The ideal romanticized place to live for many of us includes a huge backyard, friendly neighbors, a park and a lake nearby, ample greenery, and a very serene environment. You will see children playing in the afternoon, adults biking to their favorite supermarket, people walking towards clean and hygienic public transportation stops, trash cans everywhere, a recycling station, and so many more. 

The idea of a good neighborhood does not only come from the western movies we watched. It comes from a lot of cultural and lifestyle influences. From the books we read to cultural norms, all play a role in what defines a good neighborhood. For a predominantly Muslim country or a Muslim area, a good neighborhood would be built with a mosque nearby. For a diverse community, it includes all sorts of religious inclusivity, racial inclusivity, and equality among people from all sorts of backgrounds. An ideal neighborhood is not only about a serene environment but also the wholesome characteristics exhibited by the people in the neighborhood. So both personality and appearance play a role in our decision to get the perfect neighborhood. 

When it comes to choosing the perfect neighborhood, there are several factors we should account for. Studying a little and making tiny changes will help us in our journey of choosing the very perfect neighborhood. This is the neighborhood where you will watch your children grow up, get married, have grandchildren, or whatever life aspirations you have. Maybe even start your business or bring upon the start-up journey. 


Stay Flexible

It is never wise to go with the first thing you see on the market. The same goes for choosing your neighborhood. Your first choice might not be the best choice. Even if it fits all the boxes, it is always better to approach choosing a neighborhood with an open mind, laced with flexibility in the decision. Check out 3-5 different types of neighborhoods and explore them with an open mind before making your final decision. If you want a house in sepang, make sure to explore multiple neighborhoods before coming to a final decision. 

Don’t Listen To The Numbers

When people try to sell you something they always come out with the numbers about how effective or nice it is. However, when it comes to a neighborhood the statistics of the neighborhood do not matter as much as the actual definitions, details, and the news surrounding it. Your judgment is usually on point when it comes to choosing a neighborhood. Dont be swayed with any amount of fanciness and approach the neighborhood shopping with utmost logic and rationality. 

Features Of The Neighborhood

The features of the neighborhood you want and desire should be listed out before even looking for one or exploring one. This is to ensure that you are prepared and that you don’t miss out on any opportunities to get what you need. Have a list of things you desire from your neighborhood, whether it be a lot of greenery or public transportation nearby.

Many factors go into the decision of choosing a neighborhood. It is not only about the house in the neighborhood. No matter how beautiful the house in sepang is, the neighborhood comes first in the decision mix. After all, this is where you will spend most of your life making new friends, live the picture-perfect life that is straight out of a Netflix movie, have new experiences, and most of all, amazing pictures.