There are a variety of all online casino malaysia that you could choose from. From the most unpopular ones to the most popular ones. But have you ever thought of the best ones to play? Either when you are  just there to play for fun or you are just aching to have a winning streak. Different people have a different approach to the games that they want to play and to whichever that they have an upper hand on. Some would love to count cards but there are also that would prefer the less use of their brain such as slot machines. 

To start off the list is the game of Blackjack. What is the best thing about Blackjack that people miss? Well, the fact that the game Blackjack has a lower edge in winning the game. Each table has a different set of rules that you might need to look at to find which fits you the most. If you play using the basic strategy the house might have a lower edge which could keep you running for a long time. Another advantage of playing the game of Blackjacks is that the smart player would be at the position to win big. This is because Blackjack involves the player to count their cards. 


Next game that is the best in casinos is the game Video Poker. This game is almost the same as playing blackjack which you could count your way to a win. Unlike normal poker, video poker does have its algorithm that has been programmed into the game to duplicate the same odds or results that you can get from playing in an actual poker game. Because of that, most of the time you would be able to count your odds of getting that win. 


Other than that is a game of craps. The game of craps actually involves you making a bet of pass or don’t pass before the dealer rolls the dice. In this game there will be a possibility that many would come to watch how the end of the game will be. It increases the excitement of every game which is why some people are eager to play. It is actually a good game to start if you are a beginner in gambling. A game of craps consist of the use of two dice. Each player  would hope to roll a 7 or a 11 to win the game. The number that they would not want to roll is 2, 3 and 12. Plus, you should always stick with the simpler bets than the more complicated ones. 


The nex game that could be categorized as being the best is Baccarat. The game of baccarat is where the house also has the lower edge. It does not need for you to think like playing blackjack. What they have in common is that it involves the play of traditional deck cards. It is game suited for those who like to have a low paced play and for those who like to have chill play. There is no pressure for you to finish faster and there would always be a reward up for grabs. There is also a bigger chance for you to get a winning streak with the play of baccarat. 


Furthermore, slot machines are considered as the best game to play in any casino. Why? Well, the fact that it involves no thinking and relies fully on your luck which is also a plus. It is a game that you play for leisure but if you think of getting that money you put in, you might want to avoid that. There is a possibility that you already donated the money to the game and to the winning jackpot. You could try your chance once the jackpot is at the highest amount. Another plus for the slot machine is that it is perfect for those who have a hard time socializing. Just remind yourself to stay in the budget that you have set initially. If you do not stick to it then you would regret all that money that you lost. 


That is it for some of the best casino games that you could try during your first visit to the casino. Just remember that casino games exist for pure entertainment. Do not get yourself to hook up on it as it may lead you to a disastrous fate in the long run.