My mother always says “to be a successful person is not by spending all your time stressing about work and business but by being able to manage your time well so that you can have leisure time with your family.”

What is success if you have not had a long and fun conversation with your parents?

What is success if you don’t have enough time to spare and play with your children?

Everything – wealth, title, being well-known – means nothing if your soul is empty. Doesn’t have a touch of love and feelings in you.

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Caucasian woman riding bicycle near beach

Here are few activities that you can do with your family or friends during your leisure time:

  1.       Cycling

Cycling might sound tiring but once you try doing it with your family, you will surely love it. This is one of the easiest activities that you can do with your family because it usually will not take up a lot of your time. Take 30 minutes to 1 hour on your weekend morning or during the evening and cycle with your family. Not only will it strengthen your bond together but is also good for your health.

  1.       Fishing

If you enjoy a calming environment to spend your leisure time with your family and friends, fishing might be the best thing for you. This is not really suitable for kids because they might prefer to go to the funfair or waterpark but as an adult you surely want to do something to clear your mind. If you manage to catch a fish, you will feel that it is very rewarding and it somehow can lift up your mood and make you happy.

  1.       Shopping or window shopping

Going shopping is actually very therapeutic. You don’t even have to buy expensive items to satisfy your ‘shopping craving’ but you can even go to the grocery store and get a baking tray if it makes you happy. If you are waiting for your end year bonus, you can go window shopping and survey the items you want to buy. Either way, if you feel happy with it just do it.

  1.       Play games

You can choose either to play physical games like tag run or monopoly, or online games like casino Malaysia online or Apex Legend. You get to choose whatever games that you think are the best to play with family and friends or with online friends. It makes you feel closer with them as you play.

  1.       Watch movies

Watching movies together with your family or friends will be better because you will be able to discuss the storyline right after the movie ends. You will get to let people know your opinion and listen to theirs. If you prefer to watch alone is also not a problem because some people find watching movies as an escape from the outer world.

  1.       Reading

If your daily job is nothing related to reading and writing, you will find reading as something interesting. You can read physical novels, books, magazines, newspapers or even ebook if you prefer that way. Read something that is light and easy so you can use reading as the way to fill your leisure time and not making it a burden.